Sustainable St Albans Week 12th-16th June 2023!

Ideas for SustFest Schools/Youth Activities

A whole week or a few young people on one activity – it’s up to you how much you do for SustFest Schools Week but we’d love to have you on board each year!

  • appreciating and protecting nature
  • reduce / reuse / recycle
  • climate change and climate justice

Debate and Discuss

  • get the students to take the lead on what is important to them – student conferences, debates, strategy meetings and assemblies are all appropriate for older students to run

Grow/Eat Food

  • dig over veg beds ready for planting
  • plant seeds in newspaper pots
  • build bug hotels
  • plant a tree
  • explore vegan cookery
  • learn about sustainable fish


  • monitor lights to see if they are switched off
  • mount an anti-idling campaign aimed at parents


  • explore a local park or nature area and find nature on your doorstep
  • go on a bug hunt
  • make pictures out of sticks and leaves
  • leaf-rubbing
  • bird-watching


  • have a “waste free lunch” challenge and try to cut food waste for the week
  • do a litter pick
  • use both sides of paper
  • read books on eco-subjects including Duffy the Sea Turtle or Hunter’s Icy Adventure and other books in the Wild Tribe series to learn about plastics and marine life