Our Sports Leaders

In Year 6, there is a group of children who have the role of Sports Leader and get to attend extra sporting events, as well as doing additional jobs inside school. These pupils get chosen at the start of every school year and will get to do activities, such as giving help at sports day and coaching the younger children in a short lunch-time PE session every Friday. 

Currently, there are 6 sports leaders in each Y6 class. In Amethyst class the sports leaders are: Ben, Flynn, David, Lyra, Jessica and Isabella . In Magenta class, the sports leaders are : Arthur, Noah, Leon, Darcey, Laila and Alisa. 

Becoming a sports leader is actually quite simple. All you need to do is submit a form to Mr Roberts ( The PE teacher ) on why you think you would be a good sports leader – this isn’t all just about the fact that you are good at sports. He will decide who he thinks will be best in the role and they will be the Sports Leaders for the rest of the year.

Written by Arthur Carvosso