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Reception – Apple and Lime

End of Year Music Videos from Mrs Dore

There are a couple of videos for you to watch of the children performing in music. You’ll find them on google classroom.

Wonderful creations

This week Reception were able to see the butterflies   hatch out of their cocoons. If you see any painted lady butterflies in your garden, we wonder if they are the ones Reception nurtured. In Maths we focused on number formation, different ways of making 5 and making maths games using bean bags and hoops. …

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Reading Books and Library Books

Please can all books be returned by Friday this week. Thank you for your support.

Maps Maps and More Maps

Maps This week the children have been learning about maps. They started by thinking about the story of Little Red Riding Hood. They thought about where she started, which was at her house.  Then they thought about what she saw first, which was the forest, which she walked through. She saw the wolf in the …

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The life cycle of a butterfly

We have been watching the caterpillars grow and they are now getting very big. We are looking carefully to see when they begin to build their cocoons. We have been singing a song in Apple class called Fuzzy Wuzzy Caterpillar. This is the link that a couple of parents have asked for. We have …

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We are very excited to tell you that we now have some real caterpillars in Reception, which were provided by to one of our families. We are going to be looking closely at them each day to see how they change over time and name and recognise the different stages of the lifecycle. We have …

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Odd and Even

In Maths we have been learning about odd and even numbers. If we can make pairs without any left overs then it is an even number. If we make pairs and there is one left over, it is an odd number. The children have been practising this in different ways.  We have even been pairing …

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Welcome Back

It has been lovely welcoming back the children after the half term holiday. They have all come back happy and eager to learn. It’s great to finally see the sunshine, so please can you remember to send children into school with hats and suntan cream applied. This week we have been focusing on our helicopter …

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Climbing fun!

This week, we have had some new climbing equipment delivered to reception, that the children have been learning to use. This is great for their physical development and learning to manage risk. They have been creative but very sensible. In maths the children have been doubling. They know that the numbers they are adding have …

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Gloop Glorious Gloop!

This week the children had a google meet with Lockie’s mum.  Lockie’s mum works with animals and talked to the children about dogs’ different behaviours and what it means. We learnt how to stroke a dog.  We need to stroke it in the same direction as the fur falls and avoid patting the head.  Lockie’s …

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