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Reception – Apple and Lime

Hot Times

Harvey’s Mum came in to make paratha’s with the children. The children had great fun. Over the last  couple of weeks we have had food from different parts of the world and it has been interesting finding out about those countries. All the children said they would love to visit. In Maths we looked at …

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Reception makes Paella!

The sun is shining

We continue to have mystery visitors. Ollie’s Dad came in to talk about his job and olives. Louis’s mum came in and made her fabulous banana cake with the children. Skyler’s dad cooked outside with the children and made Paella! Apple and Lime class have been so lucky to have these experiences – so thank …

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We’ve had lots of visitors this week!

This week in Reception we continued to have different parents come in. Claire’s Mummy came in to talk about when she went scuba diving. She told the children about toilets that were at the bottom of the sea in Egypt. The sea creatures had made this into their home. The children enjoyed this fact! Ollie’s …

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Busy times in Reception

This week we have had some of the children’s parents come in and read stories, cook with the children and be a mystery visitor. Thank you. Everyone was fabulous and the children were so proud. In Phonics we have recapped over the sounds ow, oi, and ear. We have practised using these sounds in our …

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A fun week in Reception

This week in Reception we had our first mystery visitor. It was Skye’s mum and she came to tell Reception all about her job. It was very fascinating. In phonics we have been recapping over the ar, ur, er, and air sounds and applying these sounds when we are writing. We have been going over …

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A very warm and busy week in Reception

It has been another busy week in Reception. This week we have talked about habitats and what animals will live in certain habitats. We looked at  lots of different habitats eg deserts, rainforests, mountains, oceans, back gardens etc. We then went on to talk about the continents of the world and which animals you would …

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What a lovely week!

It  was lovely to see the children after a week off. They were all very excited to be back and to see their friends. We have been reading the book Arrgghh Spider by Lydia Monks. We talked about having a spider as a pet and how easy it would be! In Maths we have been …

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Another busy week in Reception

This week the children have been very excited about talking about the school trip. Lots of writing was generated. We had books, lists and stories. The highlight to write about was the picnic and coach ride! In PE we continued to use the apparatus and wall bars. The children were more confident this week and …

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Celtic Harmony